Terms of Reference for the Environemental expert to work on the left bank of the river Nistru

Terms of Reference for the Environemental expert to work on the left bank of the river Nistru

Positions: Environmental expert, left bank of the river Nistru. 

Organization: EcoContact   

Reporting to: EcoContact, Project Manager  

Post type: Individual service contact (fee based), approximately 50 working days 

Estimated implementation period of assignment: November 27, 2019 – March 15, 2020   

Working languages: Russian, Romanian  


Organizational Context    

Public Association EcoContact is implementing the project “Enhancing cooperation among the communities from both banks of Nistru river through reduction of pesticide risks in Moldova” with the support of the British Embassy in Chisinau through the Conflict, Stability and Security Fund. The project is implemented during the period October 2019 – March 2020.  

The project is aimed at reducing the risks from obsolete and currently used pesticides for the communities from the both banks of river Nistru.  

To achieve that the project will be addressing three main aspects:    

  1. raising awareness of key stakeholders (environmental authorities, educational institutions, civil society organizations, local authorities) and level of their knowledge in the area of obsolete and currently used pesticides;
  2. raising technical capacities in risks identification;   
  3. and improvement of legal framework on pesticides management.   

The project will bring in the existing experience in remediation of contaminated territories, support tailoring to local needs the international methodologies of risks identification and their piloting; support the improvement of legal framework in the area. Activities with different target groups from both banks of the river Nistru will help to identify joined interests in the area of chemical safety, facilitate exchange of experience on the technical level and formulate the proposals for joined working groups on confidence building in the area of environment to reduce environment and health risks caused by dangerous substances.  

The main objective of the assignment: 

The purpose of this position is to support the implementation of the legislative framework component for the implementation of the project, that will be in coherence with the international legislation and standards on toxic waste (especially on obsolete pesticides)Environmental expert will support the legal expert (also working for the review on the left bank of river Nistru) to produce the review of the legislative framework (Lot 1) and the Road map (Lot 2). The Expert will work under direct supervision of the EcoContact project manager, and in close cooperation with legal consultant selected for this activity. 

This assignment consists from two lots:  

  Lot 1. Environmental expert for the review of the legislation for the left bank (project activity 3.1)   

Lot 2. Environmental expert for developing a road map for the left bank (project activity 3.2)   

The specific tasks for each lot assignments are as follows:  

Lot 1. Environmental expert for the review of the legislation for the left bank (project activity 3.1) (all tasks will be implemented together with legal expert) 

I. Collect and analyze information on the left bank legal framework for the management (including transport and elimination) of pesticides waste, including POPs and obsolete pesticides waste and the with these components and contaminated land.

II. Collect and analyze the legislation on the linkage between agriculture, public health and environment with regards to environmental obligations and obligations on highly hazardous pesticides, and empty containers.

III. Fill in the international bench-marking matrix to assess the left bank legal framework on pesticides waste and the with these components and contaminated land management against the requirements of the respective international Conventions Stockholm Convention/Basel Convention, good regulatory practices as well as selected EU directives.  

IV. Prepare a brief legal report the results of the analysis in point I – II, with conclusions and recommendations to strengthen the national legal framework on pesticides wastes management and meet international requirements. 

V. Participate in meetings, coordinate the findings with the relevant authorities, be present on the workshops and prepare presentations and reports if required. 

VI. Undertake any other relevant function that may be necessary for the executing of the tasks.   

Lot 2. Environmental expert for developing a road-map for the left bank on establishing the toxic waste (especially on packing) management system on left bank (project activity 3.2)(all tasks will be implemented together with legal expert) 

  • Develop methodology and work plan for carrying out the above activity;  
  • Take the opportunity to understand the governance structure and the institutional capacity of the key stakeholders and reflect this into the preliminary analysis based on the findings from the Lot 1.  
  • Provide a brief overview of the left bank legal framework and policy documents on toxic waste management as well as regarding on agriculture sector; and summarize related challenges (political, economic and financial, technological and social environmental);

– Explain what the existing governance structure are (including local governance) and the institutional capacity  for the agricultural sector, including the toxic waste; include mapping of decision-making process within the authority related to power sector measures/actions at levels.  

  • Develop together with an environmental expert a toxic waste (especially on packing) management and policy interaction model.  
  • Develop together with an environmental expert a policy and legislative road-map for one or multiple development scenarios for the toxic waste management (especially on packing materials), as agreed with authorities from left bank; taking into consideration on-going activities in the country, including those of other international institutions/donors.  

– Discuss together with an environmental expert with relevant departments and stakeholders within left bank, relevant authorities the assumptions and take stock of where there are information gaps and mismatches. 

– Explain what capacity and institutional arrangements and/or changes would be required to successfully implement the measures under the road-map; and which advises which stakeholders would require more capacity building and what key policy documents; budget planning processes need to reflect such considerations; provide estimated economic and social cost. This should include all levels.  

  • Participate in meetings, workshops and prepare presentations and undertake any other relevant function that may be necessary for the executing of the tasks if required. 

Deliverable and timeline for the implementation of the assignment  

Lot 1 

Deliverable  Days  Due time 
The list of normative legislation at regional, national level, international level and EU level to be evaluated for the assessment (together with the legal expert);    


5 days 

05 December 2019  
International bench-marking matrix on legal framework on pesticides waste management (in cooperation with legal expert);  





7 days 

16 December 2019  
The filled in the international bench-marking matrix on legal framework (Together with legal expert);    


7 days 

16 January 2020 
Brief legal and environmental report on the toxic waste management (together with the legal expert)  3 days  03 February 2020 
Reports of meetings, elaborated materials, LoPs (participation/facilitation, together with the legal expert);   


3 days 




10 March 2020 

Lot 2 

Deliverable  Days  Due time 
Methodology and work plan for the assignment  1 day  20 December 2020 
Brief overview of the left bank legal framework and policy documents on toxic waste management (jointly with the legal expert)  4 days  23 January 2020 
Study of the toxic waste (especially on packing) management and policy interaction model (jointly with the legal expert);   10 days  30 January 2020 
Policy and legislative roadmap (jointly with the legal expert)  7 days  10 February 2020  
Reports of meetings, elaborated materials, LoPs; 



3 days  10 March 2020  


Lot 1/Lot 2 

  • At least 10 years professional experience in the environmental management, preferably on environmental issues and toxic waste management.   
  • Strong experience of environmental management with focus on pesticides and fertilizers used.   
  • Working experience in strategic advising to environment or/and agriculture authorities, strategic investment planning, waste management.   
  • Previous experience in project finance for the both banks on environmental.   
  • Excellent Russian writing and speaking skills are a must.  
  • Advanced university degree in juridical science, policy science and environmental management or any other relevant field;  
  • In-depth knowledge of development issues, understanding of environment / rural problems / obsolete pesticides and relevant work experience in the field of legal and policy applied to development work;  
  • Knowledge and understanding of British Embassy, EU, other Donors’ programming cycle and requirement for Communication and Visibility activities will be an advantage; 


Payment will be done on submission and approval of deliverable stipulated above according to invoice.   

How to apply:  

Applicants must submit the following documents: 

  1. CV  
  1. Financial Proposal  
  1. Motivation letter 

Documents can be provided in one of following languages English, Romanian or Russian.  

Please send the documents with the indication of the Lot in the subject line before November 20,2019 to the email address of  hr@vox.md 

For detailed information, please contact Catalina Arghir, Project Manager, 022 996162